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Humza Sajid Software Enginner

****Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS are 2 different frameworks for designing frontend web applications in this article we are going to make compression and lastly describing which one you should prefer. ****

BootStrap :

It was started back in 2010 by Twitter and become an open-source project in Aug 2011, it’s a component-based…

Humza Sajid Software Enginner

JSX (JavaScript XML) is a file type used by React which allows you to write javascript along with HTML.

We can say JSX is a friendship between javascript and HTML which makes its syntax easier to understand and make the application robust.

Let’s Understand JSX With An Example:

Let’s declare a variable called smartphone and company…

Objective: Introduction to React Components, finding the differences between functional and class components and which one you should use.

What are the components in React?

React is a JS library for building UI, it’s based on components, let’s understand it with an example let’s suppose component’s like a brick by…

Lots of time you heard of forEach for-in and for-of loop but you still struggle with how they work and why we need them?

Then today you are going to learn and master them (keep reading).

The basic idea of these loops is to iterate the array, many of you…

To mainupulate the location of element on the page we can use diffrent CSS properties as per need.

There are 5 diffrent properties to align elements:

1-Static (Default)






Static: This is the deafult element position, the right,left/top,bottom properties will not work in static position.

Absoulute: It…


Writte easy-to-understand JS , React explanations for myself and others.

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